Platelet Rich Plasma for Foot and Ankle Pain

platelet rich plasmaWhat is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a form of regenerative medicine that promotes soft tissue and bone healing and stimulates recovery. It is a concentration of platelets that are suspended in a small amount of the patient’s own plasma. Blood is spun or centrifuged and the platelets isolated.

Platelets are small kernels in the blood that have tremendous healing power. When introduced into torn tendons or ligaments, they stimulate healing. With arthritis, they decrease inflammation and reverse the degradation process.

Why Choose PRP Treatment?

PRP therapy is considered the gold standard for reducing inflammation. It helps patients recover quickly from injuries without surgery. It’s also performed right in the office!

This form of therapy is currently used to treat chronic tendon damage, acute sprains and ligament tears, plantar fasciitis, and damaged and painful joints in the ankle and foot.

How is PRP Performed?

It may sound very intimidating, but PRP treatment is a very easy process that can be done right within the office. Blood is drawn, and a centrifuge is used to spin down the PRP and create an ultra-concentrated material. This PRP is then injected via ultrasound guidance into the desire damaged tissue.

What is the Recovery for PRP Treatment?

For foot and ankle treatments, you can immediately leave our office with a walking boot! The boot will stay on for 3-10 days for pain relief, at which point you can transition into normal shoes. You should continue to see improvements for several weeks to months as the body keeps healing and regenerating healthy cells.

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