The most complex structure for foot bones and their joints is in the midfoot.  You have a connection of metatarsal bones and the tarsal bones consisting of nine bones and the subsequent joints.  The Lis Franc ligament specifically is the ligament connecting the second met base with the medial cuneiform.  The entire joint complex can also to referred to the lis franc complex.

This injury of the ligament or bones and joints can be very painful and time time consuming to heal.  Initial injury with our without treatment can ultimately lead to midfoot arthritis, a chronic painful arthritic process.


lis franc

Conservative Treatment

Immobilization in a cast or boot once Bayshore physicians assess the severity and rule our surgery.  Ice, rest, elevation, PRP, stim cells can all help in recovery.  Chronic pain from arthritis can result in the need for casting and orthotics or bracing.

Above is an AFO that helps hold up the arch and offload joint pressure and can be placed in normal shoe gear


Surgical Treatment

Many procedures and techniques performed by a highly skilled foot and ankle surgeon to improve pain, function, and remove arthritis

Surgery for acute Lis Franc fractures performed by Dr. Barnett

Before surgery                                                                                     After ORIF Lis Franc and second mtpj


Lis Franc Arthritis Surgery (along with big toe joint fusion) performed by Dr. Barnett

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Recovery time?

Both surgeries take about 8 weeks in a cast or nonweight bearing boot and usually about 3-6 months of recovery with literature showing up to a year to recover