Not all Stems Cells Created Equal

Stem cells seem to be all the hype and regenerative medicine is being thrown around everywhere. But does research back every claim. Science should be all that matters, and one company lives up to the hype. I, Dr. Barnett, had the privilege to be a distinguished guest at the Amniox Stem Cell Educational Symposium in…

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Back to school Shoe Guide

School is just around the corner and that means school activities, extra curricular activities, sports, PE, walks to school etc. Here are a few pointers to picking out the proper shoes The shoe should match the activity- Running shoes should have a firm sole, good cushion, and breathable Sandals should go past the toes to…

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Running season is upon us. Get your feet marathon ready!

Good morning runners.  I have been seeing a lot of patients lately with foot and ankle pain that have just started running and training since the weather has cooled off.  The majority of what I see is overuse tendinitis, early morning heel pain, and tight calf muscles This is something very easy to self treat. …

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