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Our well trained team of physicians use the latest technology with evidence based medicine to treat problems conservatively that once was  only solved by surgery.


Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP

Check out recent news on PRP and its effects professional athletes are seeing.

What is PRP?

PRP is plasma within whole blood that has increased platelets, cytokines, growth factors and transcription factors that promote soft tissue and bone healing and stimulate recovery

Why use PRP?

The Gold Standard for reducing inflammation and helping the body regenerate healthy tissue and recovery quickly from injuries without surgery and performed right in the office.

Currently used for chronic tendon damage, acute sprains and ligament tears, plantar fasciitis, and damaged and painful joints in the ankle and foot.

How is PRP performed?

A very easy process done in the office, blood is drawn and a centrifuge is used to spin down the PRP from whole blood at 10-20x its regular concentration per unit of blood.  That PRP is then injected via ultrasound guidance into the desire damaged tissue.

What is the Recovery?

Typically in the foot and Ankle the patient leaves walking in a walking boot for 3-10 days for pain relief and transitions into normal shoe gear and will continue to see improvements for several weeks to months as the body is regenerating and healing

Video demonstrating injection behind ankle joint using ultrasound into scarred tendons and inflammation.  The post op course is a walking boot for 5-7 days, no anti-inflammatories or ice, and then transition into normal shoe gear.

Stem Cells

What are stem cell injections?

Stem cells are cells that are often undifferentiated and contain vast array of elements that promote bone and soft tissue healing to help remove scar tissue, reduce inflammation, and help promote new tissue growth full faster recovery and pain relief

There are a variety of types of stem cells.  The ones most frequently done in our office is allograft, dehydrated stem cells.  One way it is harvested is a woman gives consent, is screened and baby screened, and via a planned C-section birth the placenta is harvested and screened and freeze dried for preservation.  When stem cells are ordered they come in a sterile via and we then add hydrating solution (usually saline or local anesthetic) and ultrasound injection into desire location.  We can also do autograft (own body) where we take from either calcaneus, proximal tibia, or hip and centrifuge that down and reinject into desired location.  This procedure is most commonly donw in the OR for pain control and harvesting.

The recovery time is a few days in a CAM boot and healing begins right away and can go for months as healthy tissue is replacing scar tissue and unhealthy tissue.

It comes in several forms:

Allograft (another person)-injectable, graft (for wound care)

Autograft(own body)-injectable

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