Custom Orthotics and Bracing

Why custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics can correct malalignment of the bones and improve the strength and flexibility of the tendons.  Custom inserts can improve heel pain, achilles pain, ankle pain, arch pain, and many other ailments

What makes Tom Cat and Solo Orthotics better than the special insert machines in stores?

Tom Cat is the newest innovative method for obtaining an impression of the foot.  It uses 3D imaging and foot contour to get an exact impression of your foot in which inserts are made.  We can also mold impressions with plaster which is the same result just a little more tedious.  Custom vs OTC inserts is like the difference in reading glasses and prescription glasses.  Prescription inserts are to your exact arch height and foot position.  But the real difference is the insert themselves

Solo Inserts are made to correct your foot, not just cushion and pad the foot.  Most people buy inserts from CVS that work great for two weeks and then stop helping.  That is because it is not changing your foot alignment.   Solo are the best of both worlds, cushion and proper structural support!  They will change your feet forever!


We offer the most advanced fitting and evaluation for custom orthotics and bracing


Advanced Scanning by Tom Cat


Plaster Cast Molding


Orthotics and bracing for runner, athletes, foot deformities, arthritis, club foot, drop foot, flat foot

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